Due to the numerous challenges affecting modern educational systems, the infiltration of stoic and epicurean philosophies into our learning systems, the necessity for restoring biblical truths, technological and scientific evolutions, the Episcopacy of the church of St. Peter and St. Paul and the Order of St. Paul deemed it necessary to establish this sound and prestigious  educational institution which is aimed at providing sound education based on God’s principles and standard ethics. This institution embodies the training and educating units of the church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Equipping and training gifted and called men and women for effective services in the lord’s vineyard and professionals in various secular disciplines for the ready and challenging job markets.

This institute is initially derived from the internal resolution of the Statutes of the St Paul Committee, legally registered and published in the Journal Officiel de la Republique Française (July 1996), while the University and College of the church, Art. 4 of the Statutes, concerning Higher Education, was registered in January 2000, in the city of Marseille, in accordance with our legal capacity to grant degrees and give credit transfer/equivalence (Art.L731b of the “Code de l’Education”, 09/22/2002, stating that a validation through life experience is equivalent to any regular procedure to obtain it, Art.L335).

If you are working in Christian Community Development organs, Government or private sectors you might get an "Honorary degree". We are not a diploma Mill and are accredited worldwide by various Theological and secular educational Institutes and Universities with regular Campuses. Our aim is to promote quality Ecumenical Learning Centers and outstanding secular based academic institutions representing an excellent hub for professionals in different disciplines solicited by the present job markets.

Religious and secular academic Institutions often claimed they have not sought Accreditation since they are limited relevant Accrediting institutions. Taken into consideration the above mentioned limitations of some academic institutions, the board of the St. Peter and St. Paul institute thought it necessary to offer Accreditation to Colleges and Universities of Biblical Studies following Christian Ecumenism and Secular Studies. We do offer Accreditation in accordance with European Laws in the field of Private Higher Education.