This institute was founded in AD 2000 and since then, has been hiring lay faculty and academic staff without references to religious affiliation and admitted students on the same basis: Consequently, the student body is a religious mix of Protestants from any denominations, Roman Catholics, and even other Faiths, consistent with its international characteristics.


H. Em PROF. Frédéric BURCKLE, von A.


The Directorate of this prestigious institute is a prolific and dynamic icon in this dispensation affecting people and nations positively worldwide with his charismatic leadership. He holds several national and international meritorious awards and achievements due to his excellent charismatic leadership values. His Eminence Prof. Dr. Frederick Burckle is a certified Clinical Psychologist, the founder of St. Peter and St. Paul Lutheran institute, the Order of St. Paul and the Primate of the church of St. Peter and St. Paul. He is the author of many books such as; Introduction a l’ exorcisme, Le Debut, Les evangiles a colorier, The future doesn’t belong to us and I Am what God says I Am etc. Below is a summary of his profile and some of his great achievements :

Llb, University, Paris X Nanterre- Visiting Professor, University Vasile, Godis Arad, Romania GC, Aquila d'Epirio, graduated in Law(1971), Professorship 2005, Professor of Theology (Ruggero II University (Roma, Bangul-Republic of Gambia). Grand Officer of the Order of St. Peter and St. Paul (Greek Orthodox Church, Damascus (1988). Grand Cross of Justice - OSJ, Grand Cross of Justice dell'Aquila d'Epiro Cdr. of Mérite de la République Centrafricaine(1978) Croix d'honneur A.E.C.O.P.S.D. (European Law Enforcement).

Member of Honor, etc. Fundacion Centro de Estudios Historicos Diego Torres. Unione Italiana per le Onoranza alle M.O.V.M. Cavalieri della Christianita e della Pace. Heraldic Institute of Buenos Aires(Argentina). Medal of the Santa Sede del Tempio della Fraternita(Vargi,Italy). Cross of Merit,Sov.Military Order Teutonico. Legione degli Ussardi (Salerno, Italy). Parish of S.S. Maria Annunziata, Diocesis of Patti. Legione degli Gladiatori di Nuceria Alfaterna (Salerno, Italy). Benemerenza UMANITARIO,S.Order Militare Ospitaliero di Sta. Maria de Jerusalem(Italy). The Christianship Missions(Evangelist)-Wales, U.K.(1996). Member of the Mercosul Chamber of Commerce. Honorary Member Instituto Historico e Geografico de ITABORAI(Brasil) Embaixador da Paz(Pacto Global da ONU. Instituto e Seminario Biblico Rompendo en Fé, Phd, Doctor em Filosofia. Academy St. Andrew of Patras, Sciences, Letters and Arts, Doctor in History. Commander of the « Ordem do Merito Teologico Cientifico. Member of the « Associaçao de Juizes Arbitrais e de Paz Eclesiasticos do Brasil. Academician « Academia de Ciencias Psycanalisticas Sigmund Freud(Brasil). Merito Cientifico Imperador Dom Pedro II.(Brasil).

DEANSome of the books published by H.E. Prof. Dr. Frederick Burckle